I love books. I have an enormous collection of books. There are many that I keep as a permanent part of my library, because I love to visit them again and again, getting something new out of them every time I pick them up for a read. There are other books though, that, while still greatly loved and enjoyed, I always make a point of passing on, because I feel that they’re so special, they deserve to find a place in the hearts of many people. 

If you are like me, and you find yourself with many books like this in your life, which deserve to be passed onto someone else who can attain wisdom and joy from reading them, then have I got a proposal for you! 

You see, in the tiny town of Bella Bella, British Columbia, a tragic fire wiped out the town’s library. So, the town is seeking book donations for Bella Bella, with a priority on children’s literature, indigenous literature, international fiction, eco literature, and many other categories. They even have an Amazon Wish List if you are feeling particularly generous. You can also physically ship books there, if you live outside of the areas where there’s a drop-off spot within BC, at this address: 

Thistalalh Library
c/o Jessie Housty
PO Box 786
Bella Bella, BC
V0T 1Z0

I’m donating a hefty portion of my own book collection, because I love what books have gifted me with. I was very fortunate to grow up in a household rich in literature of all varieties, which fed my young mind, made it strong, and gave me the ability to creatively explore all the corners of my imagination. This passion for reading has lasted me well into adulthood, as you can tell, and the joy of reading is something that I hope and pray will stay with me until my final days. I want everyone, youngster and elder alike, to have the option to creatively explore and attain joy and wonder from reading. Bella Bella deserves a place where this can happen. 

If you have the means to do so, donate a book or two for Bella Bella. The gift of a book will resonate beyond a small, simple gesture of generosity. It has the power to change a life, and give a community recently struck with tragedy the chance to celebrate.