I’m so excited! I’m taking three promising classes this term, Critical Feminist Race Theory (aka “What’s Race Got To Do With It?”), Queer Desire (aka Intermediate Queer Theory) and Intimacies, Families, & Nationhood (aka, a critical examination of Canada’s history of immigration, settler colonialism, and state-sponsored homophobia). 

This is probably my most theory-heavy semester ever, but I’m looking forward to it, as a new challenge to me after struggling and working extra-hard through the previous two semesters due to mental health issues and processing trauma in therapy. 

Here is some of my reading for this semester, which I’m looking forward to: 

Michel Foucault: History of Sexuality, Vol. 1 

Judith Butler: Imitation and Gender Insubordination

Sara Ahmed: Queer Phenomenology 

Giles Deleuze and Felix Guattari: The Molecular Unconscious 

Chandra Talpade Mohanty: Under Western Eyes: Feminist Scholarship and Colonial Discourses 

Avtar Brah: Difference, Diversity, Differentiation: Processes of Racialization and Gender

Frantz Fanon: The Fact of Blackness

Stuart Hall: Old and New Identities, Old and New Ethnicities

Homi K. Bhabha: Race, Time and the Revision of Modernity 

Linda Tuhiwai Smith: Imperialism, History, Writing and Theory 

Minelle Mahtani- Mixed Metaphors: Positioning Mixed Race Identity 

Eric Williams: Capitalism & Slavery 

Edward Said: Latent and Manifest Orientalism 

Stuart Hall: The West and the Rest: Discourse and Power 

Lola Young: Imperial Culture: The Private, the Savage, and White Civilization 

Anne McClintock: The White Family of Man, Colonial Discourse and the Reinvention of Patriarchy 

Daniel Francis: The Imaginary Indian in Canadian Culture 

George Mosse: The Jews: Myths and Counter-Myth 

Zygmunt Bauman: Modernity, Racism and Extermination 

Matthew F Jacobson: Looking Jewish, Seeing Jews

Joyce Green: Canaries in the mine of Canadian Citizenship: Indian Women in Canda

Joanne Barker: Gender, Sovereignty, and the Discourse of Rights in Native Women’s Activism 

Sherene Razack: Making Canada White: Law and the Policing of Bodies of Color in the 90s. 

Sunera Thobani: Nationalizing Canadians: Bordering Immigrant Women in the late Twentieth Century 

Guida Man: Gender, Work & Migration: Deskilling Chinese Immigrant Women in Canada

James P. Walsh: Quantifying Citizens: Neoliberal restructuring and immigrant selection in Canada and Australia 

Erin L Moss: From Suffrage to Sterilization: Eugenics and the Women’s Movement in 20th Century Alberta 

Sheila Shaver: Body Rights, Social Rights, and the Liberal Welfare State 

Gay Kinsman: The Canadian Cold War on Queers: Sexual REgulation and Resistance 

Sarah Lamble: Unknowable Bodies: Unthinking Sexualities: Lesbian and Transgender Legal Invisibility in the Toronto Women’s Bathhouse Raid. 

Sally Hines: Intimate Transitions: Transgender Practices of Partnering and Parenting. 

Penny Gurstein: The Just City for Whom? Re conceiving active citizenship for lone mothers in Canada

Greensmith Cameron: Challenging Settler Colonialism in Contemporary Queer Politics: Settler Homonationalism, Pride Toronto, and Two Spirit Subjectivities

Paisley Currah: Homonationalism, State Nationalities, and Sex Contradictions  

Robyn Green: Unsettling Cures: Exploring the Limits of the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement. 


Happy reading to me!