Archives for the month of: February, 2014

For those of you who have been curious, since 2014 started, I have:

1.) Been working two jobs. A zine editor and a volunteer coordinator for a feminist organization.

2.) Working on a directed research project with my adviser, using Foucauldian analysis to talk about autistic youth who are trapped in the Troubled Teen Industrial Complex.

3.) Gearing up to do my Honour’s Thesis on the way medical/scientific literature (doesn’t) talk about autistic women/girls’ sexualities.

4.) Going to therapy every Friday and making tremendous progress on recovering from my post traumatic stress disorder and flare-ups of my eating disorder.

5.) Volunteering with various feminist and Indigenous organizations in Victoria, particularly those that cater towards youth and students.

6.) Going to the gym and swimming every other day. I need a new bathing suit, my other one is completely chlorinated.

7.) Taking three classes.

8.) Writing one poem/short story per week to fulfill my promise to Chrystos to have a book of poems and short stories for her ready in five years.

9.) Getting into new music.

10.) Learning how to cook vegetables in new and interesting ways.


For right-wingers: Since you’re already irrationally angry over Coca-Cola’s Superbowl commercial, I’ll add fuel to the fire: The song “America the Beautiful” was written by a woman that many suspect to be a lesbian. Enjoy choking on your own outrage. 

For liberals: Make up your mind. Either you’re boycotting Coca-Cola because they’re supporting the Sochi Olympics, or buy it by the caseful because you want to encourage the company to make more commercials which are blandly supportive of multiculturalism. One or the other please, you can’t do both. You’re giving me whiplash with how quickly you change your mind based on Coca-Cola’s ability to market to or upset your flaky, delicate ideology. 

For myself: Yeah, songs originally about Manifest Destiny being used to promote multiculturalism and Coke-drinking is kind of odd and creepy, isn’t it?