For right-wingers: Since you’re already irrationally angry over Coca-Cola’s Superbowl commercial, I’ll add fuel to the fire: The song “America the Beautiful” was written by a woman that many suspect to be a lesbian. Enjoy choking on your own outrage. 

For liberals: Make up your mind. Either you’re boycotting Coca-Cola because they’re supporting the Sochi Olympics, or buy it by the caseful because you want to encourage the company to make more commercials which are blandly supportive of multiculturalism. One or the other please, you can’t do both. You’re giving me whiplash with how quickly you change your mind based on Coca-Cola’s ability to market to or upset your flaky, delicate ideology. 

For myself: Yeah, songs originally about Manifest Destiny being used to promote multiculturalism and Coke-drinking is kind of odd and creepy, isn’t it?