So, Ellen’s come out against the seal hunt, because apparently seals are cute, or something like that. Point is, Ellen is pro seals, anti Inuit food sovereignty. 

I have a message for you, Ellen, and other people in the “South” who are opposed to the seal hunting done by Inuit people, usually to give themselves food or a source of income: 

It is the ultimate colonial arrogance to presume that you know more about an Indigenous people’s food systems than they do, and it is a continuation of colonial violence to attempt to deny them one of the few left forms of food sovereignty available to them just because you think their food is “cute”. 

The Inuit people are among the hungriest in Canada, facing starvation and prices for foodstuffs that would make the sticker prices in the fanciest Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods in Ellen’s neighborhood seem outright cheap in comparison. One of the few ways left for Inuit people to feed their families and communities is through traditional hunting practices. I know where my loyalty lies, and it is not with celebrities who value seals above people having food.