– Office Hours are a treasure trove of valuable information; don’t be afraid to utilize a professor’s office hours as a time for clarifications, questions, or to talk about your future plans or ask for advice. 

– There’s nothing morally or intellectually superior about cloistering yourself off in your office or your room or your favourite coffee shop throughout your university career. Creating a circle of loving, caring people in your life who are receptive to reading, critiquing, and evaluating your work, supporting you, and encouraging your dreams is absolutely invaluable. Especially when they can do non-academic fun activities with you as well. 

– Weekend adventures trying new things or just getting out of the house are often very helpful for stirring up creativity you need to finally start or finish that big paper/project. 

– Email your potential graduate advisers and ask if they’re taking students for the year you want to enter grad school, and if they’d be interested in the type of work you are doing. 

– Little things like doing laundry or baking a favourite recipe can mean the difference between going to bed feeling accomplished or going to bed depressed. 

– Make sure you have some fun, adventurous, amusing, or just plain entertaining books on hand for when you’re feeling like your brain will melt after too much homework. I recommend the works of Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Diana Wynne Jones, or your favourite pulpy writer of your favourite pulpy genre.