Today, I saw an article on The Voice of Russia interviewing a Mohawk elder, which I’m not linking because that site is puerile propaganda. I’m very cynical about Russian news media’s interest in Indigenous people in North America, I have a feeling that their interest can mainly be articulated as “How effectively can we use their struggles to smear the U.S and the West?” and the intro to this interview didn’t help with this suspicion:

“She underlines the fact that Russia and Russians never took part in the genocide of the native people, unlike the rest of Europeans.”

I could go on and on about the abuses Russia piles on Indigenous populations within its own borders and the way that it torments sovereign nations outside of its own borders, including ones where there are Indigenous populations who have well-established historical reasons to fear Russia. But I don’t need to resort to that to counter such a bald faced lie, a rebuttal to this nonsense can boil down to one word: