Do you know what, more than any other hot-button issue, in my experience, is likely to get people into a moralistic rage and have them ram themselves repeatedly against a mental brick wall with the conviction that they alone possess the truth and that everyone else is ignorant, stupid, or wrong? More than religion, more than elections, more than Israel, more than religion, more than society, more than obesity or poverty? 


Specifically, what constitutes “healthy” or “unhealthy” food, which foods are going to save the planet/destroy it, which foods will make you thin/fat, and which foods will lead to an early grave or a robust life and libido at age one hundred and fifteen.

This was the only conclusion I could reach after witnessing an outbreak of arguments on a Facebook friend’s status when she “challenged” herself to not eat any foods she was forbidden from by anyone who commented for a month, in order to train for a marathon, and after seeing someone get extremely irritated at me when I pointed out to her that non-Westerners, do, in fact, consume the milk of animals, and without any adverse effects to their health, in fact, it’s a staple of their culture (The Saami and the Masai and Mongolians).