I’m on vacation visiting my mother in Hawaii. This comes with the unfortunate side effect of having to regularly interact with my mother’s boyfriend, a man I was terrified of during my teen years but now whom I find to be merely pathetic and obnoxious. Adulthood is nice like that. He has a habit of talking at people instead of talking to them, and the topics he picks are as offensive and uncouth as his conversation style, so in less than 24 hours, I’ve clocked in about 15 offensive, racist, misogynist monologues from him. 

But by far the most offensive thing he’s said was in the middle of a rambling conspiracy theory about the missing Malaysian Airline. He claims the plane was hijacked by Iranian terrorists in a plot to assassinate Prince William, Princess Kate, and their infant son. That on its own is just asinine; the offensive part was when he said that if it had succeeded, the death of those three would have been “much much worse than 9/11”. 

I can forgive hyperbole but not at that level, especially since it’s coming from him.