I made the mistake of reading a long and vacuously boring article on people choosing whether or not to shave (The interviewees were all from Edmonton, and included an anonymous woman, a young white woman, a 30something white man, and a 30something Silkh man). I don’t know why I bothered, leg/armpit shaving debates are boring and vacuous, but I was curious. It was a mess, of course, equating socially-created physical desires with biology, equating not shaving if you were a woman to a revolutionary act, and spending a great deal of time pouring pity on the anonymous woman for her struggles with her body image, and incorrectly identifying “polyamorous” as an “attraction to everyone across the gender spectrum” (The word you’re looking for for that is pansexual). 

What stood out to me the most though, was a quick blur)b from a university professor, who said that one assignment she offers for credit for her Women’s Studies class is to have the women in the class forgo shaving for the semester, whereas the men shave their legs and body hair for the semester. 

First thing I thought? “Wow, if she has any trans students, they must really hate her”. 

The first