I’m going to be twenty-five years old in three months. I do believe this is the age when I start to notice a fracture forming between people in my life who are showing signs of growing and changing and making a healthy transition out of their early twenties, and people who are beginning to crystallize unhealthy, unsustainable behaviors that you can escape or earn forgiveness from when you’re young. 

I’m not talking about partying, staying out at night, or any other hijinks of that variety. That’s not the problem here. What I am seeing though, is people my age who aren’t learning to take responsibility or accountability for their actions, are continuously relying on other people’s goodwill to bail them out, and are reaching the limit of their ambitions now that they’ve finished their undergrad degrees and will focus on making their lives comfortable rather than reaching self-actualization or making their dreams a reality. 

This shouldn’t be a problem for me, but it’s become one, because when you’re starting to notice a divide growing between your life and the lives of your friends, you find yourself with less reasons to keep being friends with them, and in order to keep you in their friends’ circle, some people have decided it’s easier to start trashing my dreams or criticizing me for changing, rather than trying to support me or be a good friend. 

It’s reached a boiling point for me, and my solution is just to keep supporting and encouraging my other friends who are making change and growing, and when I finish my degree here, getting to a new city and forming new friendships with other people who are flexible enough to change and grow with me.