Unemployment, plus the anxiety of having to pay my rent for July and my tuition, is taking a toll on my mental health. I’ve been keeping myself busy (and in the loop on which job opportunities might come up) by volunteering at a local activist library, but the library is almost finished, by next week my services will no longer be necessary. Even though I’m excited and proud of how beautiful the library looks, I’m feeling distinctively melancholy that something I was throwing my heart into and which was allowing me to have hope of finding a job is coming to an end. 

While I was walking home, thinking about what my options were now, and hoping that I’d hear about something by the end of the week, I decided to let my thrift-induced guard down for ten minutes and used some money from washing dishes at a graduation dinner to buy some apple cider vinegar (for my hair) some honey (for my face) some rose water (for my mouth) and a mini sour cherry tart (to eat). $15 total. 

Now I’m freshly showered and face masqued and wearing my favourite outfit, eating my favourite dessert with my mouth feeling fresh and my breath smelling like roses, and life looks a lot better, and even though my prospects haven’t changed, I feel so much better about them. 

That makes me feel really reassured.