I’m back in therapy now, after getting an additional 24 free sessions from the BC Government.
My goal with the first 24 sessions was to begin my recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder after being raped. I feel like I achieved that, I’ve been given the emotional and intellectual tools that I need in order to work through PTSD and get back in touch with my sexuality.
My goal with these extra sessions is to work on the more-deep rooted anxieties the rape left behind about my self-image and my ability to like myself.
But it’s really important for me to learn how to love myself again, not just because it’s a basis of good psychological health; I’m planning on becoming an academic. How can I be a successful academic if I don’t like myself? Part of that career involves spending a LOT of time alone with myself researching, writing, and editing. That’s a recipe for failure if you’re disturbed by your own company and want to smother it by going out to socialize.