Is there anything more perfect than a book about female bildungsroman for a 25th birthday gift to me? I hardly think so. So, I’d like to thank dear Clarissa for her wonderful gift to me, her latest book, autographed with an encouraging message inside. 

Clarissa has been much more than a fellow blogger to me for several years now. She’s been a friend, a mentor, an inspiration, and the big sister that I never had but always longed for. Throughout these difficult years as I moved to Canada and faced a number of difficulties, she’s been a constant presence reminding me that it is always worth it to improve your life and keep hold of your dream and ambitions. 

I can think of no better genre for her to write about than bildungsroman, because she is a model of living a bildung, and has inspired me towards constant emotional, intellectual, and psychological self-improvement. Thank you, my friend. I promise you I will have that book ready to offer you, in due time.