Everyone in my social circle is outraged and shocked that the United Nations is apparently hosting a feminism conference… for men only.

But I’ll be honest: If you have a long memory and have been paying attention to trends in feminism in the past few years, this probably shouldn’t be surprising to you.It’s simply the natural consequence of what was popular in feminist academic/blogging circles a couple years ago, when Hugo Whatshisname and “masculinism” and blogs like “No, Seriously, What About Teh Menz?” were a popular item, and people became overly interested in this idea of “healing” or “redeeming” masculinity in some holistic pipe dream of feminism for men. The bubble burst rapid-fire when Hugo had a meltdown and the blogs quickly dribbled into silence once it became clear they really didn’t have much to do other than some intense masculinist navel-gazing and identity anguish, and these ideas went out of fashion very quickly in feminist academia. But some of the gunk stuck to the walls of Feminist Academia, as evidenced by the continued fetishization of bystander intervention, men’s groups, and perpetrator therapy, to throw around some of the fancy programs I’ve seen promoted by my own university to talk about men and feminism.

And now it’s trickled down, a long while in Internet Years (which are even more numerous than dog years) to institutions like the United Nations which aren’t exactly bastions of original, creative thought on any issues. Leah Predicts: In 2019, expect to see the United Nations holding conferences and lectures on the topics that are popular in the feminist discourse of today, such as Beyoncé’s new album and questions of gender and citizenship.