My name is Leah Jane. I’m a student of Women’s Studies, and I am really ridiculously opinionated on a variety of subjects.

This blog is a place for me to talk about topics which pique my interest or trigger my fury. This can range from book reviews to fashion blogging to recipes, there’s no real rhyme or reason, I just write about whatever the hell I want, as often or as little as I desire.

The name of this blog is taken from a character in a Monique Mojica play, Princess Pocahontas & the Blue Spots.

Here are a few facts about myself:

– I was born in 1989 in Hawaii, and had two big moves in my life, one to Montana in 2007, and to Victoria, BC in 2011. I currently live in Victoria, and I’m grateful and respectful to the Lekwungen People on whose land I currently reside.

– I’m on the autism spectrum. I reject those ridiculous “high functioning/low functioning” labels, and just embrace my autism as being an integral part of the amazing, bright, unusual, quirky person that I am. I got my start in activism and advocacy through autistic self-advocacy, and one of my biggest interests is crip theory, or critical disability theory.

– I’m of Ashkenazi, Blackfoot, English, Norwegian, and Sámi descent. I approach issues related to Indigeneity from both an Indigenous perspective and a settler one, as a diasporic, urban, mixed NDN. I also write about Jewish issues on occasion, and identify as 100% Jewish, 100% Native, not half-and-half.

– I’m a queer hard femme. Several different quotes nicely sum up what this means to me:
“Not queer like gay. queer like, escaping definition. Queer like some sort of fluidity and limitlessness at once. Queer like a freedom too strange to be conquered. Queer like the fearlessness to imagine what love can look like… and pursue it.”- Brandon Wint

“Femme is a personal identity, but it’s also a political one… It questions the idea that there can be too much: too much blush, too much tulle, too many holes in your short shorts, too much calling out of racism, too many discussions about neocolonialism. Femme is resistance.”- Elise Nagy

“For me, hard femme is about being tough, badass, strong, independent, dirty, feminine, queer, sensitive, intellectual, playful, thoughtful, open, positive and uncompromising. It’s about being shy and lifting weights. It’s about knowing skills and having self-esteem. It’s about feminism. Hard femme isn’t just a look, it’s a state of mind, a way of feeling good about your abilities, a way of feeling good in your skin.” – Jackie Wang

– I’m a wannabe poet, playwright, storyteller, and occasional doodler. I have a promise to my favourite poet and personal hero to write and publish a book of poems in five years, no excuses. My favourite poets are Chrystos, Leonard Cohen, Warsan Shire, Leslie Marmon Silko, Charles Baudelaire, Pablo Neruda, Yannis Ritsos, Nayyirah Waheed, Audre Lorde, and Janet Marie Rogers.

– I’m three-time survivor of rape.

– I struggle with body image issues and used to suffer from an eating disorder. I’m on a journey of recovery and learning to love my body and treat it with loving kindness and admiration for all its great beauty.

– I have a wicked sense of humour, and I consider that to be my defining quality. I can be quite caustic and sarcastic, but if I am comfortable with being that tart around you, it most likely means that I trust you and like you enough to share that side of me with you.

– My best and worst qualities are that I: am passionate, possess a hot temper, am highly sensual, lack any semblance of a filter between the thoughts in my brain and the words in my mouth, take great pride in my intellect, read and learn voraciously, and am noticeably lacking in patience.

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